Frequently Asked Questions

What does Viternus mean?

Stemming from the latin words vita ("life") and eternus ("eternal, everlasting, or without end"), Viternus will store your notes or multimedia artifacts online, perpetually. Generations to come can be influenced by your message.

What are some examples for its use?

Anniversaries, Birthdays & Wedding Wishes: create a message ahead of time to be delivered on the specified date.

Farewell messages, Condolence messages & Time Capsules: store a message until a critical life event, such as becoming incapacitated or passing away.

Can Viternus be used to host Video Wills online?

Absolutely! But there are many things to consider.

Do not worry, we have a guide to help you with this that you can find here in our free whitepaper:
6 Reasons Why Video Wills Are Superior to Paper

What is Silverlight?

Silverlight is a small install by Microsoft to allow video streaming. It is similar to 'Flash,' which is what you have installed if you ever watch videos on YouTube.

If you have ever watched the Olympics live on the Internet or streamed NetFlix movies to your computer, then you already have Silverlight. Otherwise, you can download it by clicking here.

How do I make a video?

Currently, Viternus only allows you to upload a video you have already made. The best way to do this is through your webcam or by using Windows Movie Maker (on Windows) or iMovie (on Macintosh). We are constantly taking feedback and working to improve our website to enable easy video creation and upload.

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